UKWAS 4 draft for consultation

A call for stakeholder comments has been made by the UKWAS Steering Group to inform the development of an UKWAS Fourth Edition which will be released in autumn 2016.

UKWAS Executive Chair, Peter Wilson said: “The Steering Group has concluded work on a Consultation Draft. It is a radical revision so we are looking forward to hearing your feedback on how you think the draft version measures up to stakeholder expectations.

“This is a second chance for stakeholders to make an input into the revision process. There will be one more chance to make comment as the revision process progresses but by commenting now people will be making input at a key point in the process”.

Please email comments to the UKWAS Support Unit on by 30th October 2015.

The following documents are available on

  • Consultation Paper
  • The draft standard is in two versions:

–  A short version which includes requirements only.

–  A full version which includes a consultation feedback column.