The UKWAS standard is reviewed and, if necessary, revised every five years by means of a three-year revision process. The UKWAS steering group manages the review and revision process.

The key process documents are:

  • UKWAS Standard-setting Process Version 3.0 (21.11.19)
  • UKWAS Review & Revision Plan & Timetable 2020-23 Version 1.0 (21.05.20)

The beginning of a review process was announced on 1st July 2020 and the decision to undertake a revision on 28th January 2021.

Working Group

The UKWAS steering group has appointed an independent multi-chamber working group to take forward the review and, if they consider it necessary, the revision of the UKWAS standard. Peter Wilson is appointed as the independent chair. The working group will be supported by a small pool of technical experts upon whose expert knowledge the group can draw as necessary.

Following a review which considered evidence gathered from stakeholders, the working group confirmed that a revision was necessary.

The full membership of the Working Group (with nominating bodies in brackets) is as follows:

Independent Chair

  • Peter Wilson

Economic chamber

  • Amanda Calvert (Small Woods Association)
  • Julian Hollingdale (Confor) – replacing Ewan McIntosh (Confor)
  • Robin Almond (Forestry & Land Scotland) – replacing Angus Mackie
  • Stuart Wilkie (Institute of Chartered Foresters)

Environment Chamber

  • Andrew Weatherall (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) – replacing Stuart Housden
  • Gordon Pfetscher (Woodland Trust) – replacing Andrew Sharkey
  • Jonathan Spencer (Soil Association)

Social Chamber

  • John Deakin (National Trust)
  • Iwan Downey (White Rose Forest) – replacing Paul Nolan (Mersey Forest)
  • Maria Wilding (Llais y Goedwig)

Participating certification scheme representatives (non-voting)

  • Andy Sharkey (FSC UK)
  • John Kirkby (PEFC UK)

Stakeholder forum

Standard-users and stakeholders are invited to participate in the revision by joining a stakeholder forum. Forum members will be kept up to date on progress and receive news on public consultation opportunities.

To join the stakeholder forum, please contact Please include a few lines on your relevant interests so that we can better understand the composition of the Stakeholder Forum.