Appendix: References

Main legislation, regulations, guidelines and codes of practice referred to in the UKWAS

The main legislation, guidelines and codes of practice relevant to the UK Woodland Assurance Standard are set out in the Appendix. These are correct and as complete as possible as at August 2011 but should not be treated as an exhaustive list. It is important at all times to refer to the most recent and/or new documents and relevant websites should be checked frequently.

The following abbreviations have been used throughout the text of the certification standard to highlight sources of additional information:

Management Planning

Check the UKWAS website for sources on developing management planning documentation. Any sources or examples posted are not definitive and following the guidance provides no guarantee of achieving certification.

Biodiversity Action Plan

Check the relevant Habitat Action Plans (HAPs) or Species Action Plans (SAPs) in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan available at

Forest Reproductive Material Regulations

Check Forestry Commission Information Note 53: Recent Changes to the Control of Forest Reproductive Material (2003) which describes the arrangements in Great Britain. Details of the arrangements in Northern Ireland may be obtained from the Forest Service.

Main Reference Documents

Refer to the relevant documents in this Appendix.

The key main documents are listed below :

Key Legislation

1967: Forestry Act 1967 (as amended)
1967: Plant Health Act 1967
1982: Forestry Commission Bye-laws
1953: Forestry Act (Northern Ireland) 1953
2010: Forestry Act (Northern Ireland) 2010

Key Forestry Commission Publications

2011: The UK Forestry Standard

2011: UKFS Guidelines series:

  • Forests and Biodiversity
  • Forests and Climate Change
  • Forests and Historic Environment
  • Forests and Landscape
  • Forests and People
  • Forests and Soil
  • Forests and Water

See for further information and to download the UK Forestry Standard and UKFS Guidelines series.

Information on forestry grant schemes and regulations applicable to England, Scotland and Wales may be obtained from the Forestry Commission and, to Northern Ireland, from the Forest Service. Guidance on environmental regulations is provided for small businesses on

Other Reference Documents

The other main reference documents are provided in a separate Appendix document.

For easy reference, the documents are assigned to the appropriate section headings of the certification standard.