Interpretation Panel

The Interpretation Panel is appointed by the Steering Group to provide advice on interpretation of the standard for standard users and the Steering Group.

The panel is chaired by Roger Cooper (above) who is the former head of agricultural & forest sciences at Bangor University. The panel’s members are drawn from economic, environmental and social interests and representatives of the Forest Stewardship Council UK and the PEFC UK are invited to attend meetings.

The panel’s terms of reference were updated in March 2013 and are available here.

The panel produces Interpretation Notes on aspects of the standard that come before it and where it is felt that further guidance would be helpful.

Information on current Information Notes or those relating to earlier editions of the UKWAS is available here.

Requests for interpretation should set out clearly the nature of the problem and be submitted to the Secretary of the panel via the Support Unit – for details of how to contact the Support Unit see Contact.