Background Information

The current version of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard is Version 3.1 published on 26th March 2012.


The first edition of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard was agreed in 1999 and published in 2000. It was superseded by a second edition from 1st November 2006. Following further review an amended version of the second edition was launched on 26th November 2008.

A Third Edition of the standard (UKWAS 3.0) was agreed by the UKWAS Steering Group in June 2011 and, in response to FSC conditions of approval, an amended version (UKWAS 3.1) was agreed in March 2012.

The UK Woodland Assurance Standard (version 3.1) is available in two easy-to-use versions:

  • There is an on-line version designed for use when working on screen allowing users to navigate simply and quickly between the different sections of the certification standard. It includes a word search facility to help users quickly to find relevant sections of the certification standard
  • There is a document version in pdf format which is designed for use as a portable paper document that can be downloaded and printed by the user.

Users requiring a plain text document version in MS Word format for use in preparing bespoke certification documentation can request a copy from the Support Unit.

Copies of superseded editions of the standard can be downloaded from Documents.

For information on which version of UKWAS you should use for different certification schemes see Notices to Users.