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To assist those using the standard additional information or links will be posted here.


 UKWAS (Third Edition) (version 3.1) – Summary of Changes

A Summary Revision Report detailing the changes has been prepared to help you see what has changed.


UKWAS (Third Edition) (version 3.0) – Summary of Main Changes

A Summary Revision Report detailing the changes has been prepared to help you see what has changed.

An Appendix shows every text deletion and addition.

It will be particularly helpful to those owners and managers whose woodlands are already certified and who will need to align their practices with the new requirements in accordance with the rules of their certification scheme – you should refer to your certification body for further details.


UKWAS (Third Edition) – Corrections and Revisions

A list of any necessary corrections or revisions to the standard made since publication will be kept here and users are recommended to check this on a regular basis.


Additional Information referred to in the UKWAS

The following information is specifically referred to in the text of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard:

Woodland Management Planning

The following links are to possible sources of further information on the process and structure for developing management planning documentation. They are provided as guidance and they should not be regarded as definitive nor does following the guidance provide any guarantee of achieving certification.

Forestry Commission England
Forestry Commission Scotland
Forestry Commission Wales
Northern Ireland Forest Service

UK Forestry Standard and UKFS Guidelines series

Declaration of Intent to long term protection of the woodland (Section 1.1: Compliance and Conformance)

In accordance with section 1.1.5, the owner, manager or tenant shall commit to conformance to the UK Woodland Assurance Standard and shall have declared an intention to protect and maintain the woodland management unit and its ecological integrity in the long term.

Users are invited to provide the Support Unit with their own examples.

The following are examples of such declarations:

Woodland Trust

The Trust underwent a successful re-assessment in 2003 and is committed to gaining and maintaining a new certificate to cover its entire UK woodland estate for a further five years.

Forestry Commission Wales

We will undertake and promote sustainable forest management in Wales through:

  • sustainable management of the Assembly woodland estate to UKWAS, monitored through independent FSC certification
  • promotion of sustainable forest management plans based on UKWAS so facilitating significantly the step to certification.